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With Ashley

Ash started working on animal skulls in 2015 and combined alongside her mandalas and Archaeology. Each piece is unique and created during a meditative state. After visiting India in 2012, mandalas became an active part of Ash's life – the first one recorded in a small journal progressing eventually to larger works taking upwards of 120 hours.


Ash completed her Archaeology degree in 2013 and was fascinated with Osteology and Zoo-archaeology; however, she was not interested in strictly academic pursuits. Her art allows her to move between the layers of the mandalas and let go of the past and the ideas that no longer serve her.


The mandala itself is very powerful and acts as a reminder of cyclic existence and impermanence. When combined with the animal skulls, the experience provides us with a deeper understanding of the states between life and death. She love the process of preparing the skulls for my art and then the long periods of time she work with them, drawing out the intrinsic beauty and giving them new life.

With Kalli

"I love floating for the combination of physical and mental benefits. As a professional athlete, my body is constantly recovering from workouts & training and floating gives me an opportunity to relax my body while at the same time relaxing my mind. It's so rare that I have the chance to completely tune out and forget about the responsibilities and commitments I have going on all while being off of a screen for 90 minutes and I truly cherish this time. I think of it as a gift to be able to give myself 90 minutes of peace and relaxation while knowing I am doing something beneficial for my mind and body. I think everyone deserves to make the time to float for themselves. Your body and mind will thank you! "

With Lane
With Lauren

This is Lauren. She’s a strength coach and cannabis information specialist. She loves kettlebells, kittens, and kids. She finally found floating after months of putting it off due to a fear of small spaces (and then found out that once it’s dark you can’t tell how big or small the pod is). Now she floats weekly. Be like Lauren.


This is what she had to say about why she floats:


“As an athlete, like many others, I am a neurotic individual, which is beneficial in some ways but detrimental in others. It allows me to spend years on a single movement and perfect it, but means I am constantly running on high alert both at the track and off. Being that wound up and training as hard as I do wreaks havoc on my mind and body, which is where floating comes in. It allows me to have planned time to unwind, meditate, visualize, and relax my CNS. It allows me to train harder, smarter, and longer. Training is where you break down your body, it’s in the recovery where you actually get stronger and better. Floating is the ultimate recovery, optimizing each aspect and you leave feeling like an entirely new individual.”