Float Now offers both Massage and Osteopathy in house to compliment our Float Therapy.
These modalities work synergistically with floatation therapy to promote stress reduction and recovery.
Massage Therapy
With Melanie Schultz R.M.T.

Melanie is a graduate of the 2015 McKay Massage and Hydrotherapy Program. She spent the last three years effectively applying her educational skillset in her professional practice.

Through thorough patient assessment, she is able to individualise her treatments to best meet the needs of you, her clients. Melanie specializes in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and medium-deep tissue work as she has found this combination to produce extremely effective results in multitudes of patients. Melanie often combines flotation therapy with her treatment protocol and has a strong interest in the benefits that can accrue from this synthesis.

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Gina Falcetta Smiling in Front of Howard the Dolphin
Massage Therapy
With Gina Falcetta R.M.T.

Gina graduated from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Regina, SK in 2021. She has a background in teaching yoga since 2013, and additionally studies martial arts to complement her massage practice.

During school, Gina decided to become certified in the Functional Range Systems as a Functional Mobility Specialist (FRCms), Functional Range Release (FR), and Functional Range Assessment (FRA) provider to enhance her understanding of pain, movement, joint function, and soft tissue. Visit for more info.

Gina is currently working towards adding Somatic Experiencing (TM) trauma resolution to her toolbox, completing both Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 modules. She also offers Breast & Chest massage as an offering for a fuller, more complete treatment for those who need it.

You may notice you are not able to book 30 or 45-minute sessions with Gina. Please book a 60 minute session, or more, the first time as 30 and 45 minute sessions are only available upon special request.

In her spare time she is usually outside, cooking, or researching.

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Massage Therapy
Brittiny Whalen R.M.T.

Brittiny Whalen successfully completed the Mckay Massage and Hydrotherapy program and is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

She has built a strong foundation of Swedish Relaxation Massage accompanied with myofascial release and active release techniques and she continues to expand on her knowledge as well as her experience. Client assessment allows Brittiny to personalize each treatment to be best suited to her client’s goals. Her caring presence and focus assists in facilitating a relaxing atmosphere that is suited to each treatment.

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