Remote Counselling Services

Float Now is pleased to endorse Atiyeh Baradaran of Be Held Counselling for remote, trauma-informed counselling services.


Atiyeh Baradaran


Atiyeh Baradaran is a trauma counsellor with a psychology degree from SFU, BC Canada. She is a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, trained & personally mentored by Dr Gabor Mate.  She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, dancer, singer, and a mindfulness and meditation practitioner, with a deep awareness of the mind, body, heart connection and the importance of somatic (body-based) healing.

Within the framework of Compassionate Inquiry and drawing from her broad education and experience, in a session with Atiyeh there is a deep focus on what is held in the body- so somatic awareness is a big part of the work. With love and compassion, she works with you in gently unlocking the suppressed emotions and the memories that are stored in the system that have created fundamental beliefs and patterns in your life, caused by the unprocessed or unresolved traumas of the past.

This process can be a very powerfully enlightening and direct gateway to releasing unhealthy and un-serving patterns in our lives.

Atiyeh is an Iranian-Canadian therapist who has traveled and lived for extended times in many parts of the world, gathering knowledge and teachings from different cultures, Indigenous groups and ceremonial ways, which with given permission she uses in her practices, to support the healing of her clients when needed.

She speaks 3 different languages fluently- Farsi, English and Spanish- and can work with you within the comfort of your language.

She is also personally a survivor of trauma. Through her focused work on her long and ongoing journey of healing, she has come to learn deeply about Trauma and its effects on the life of the person, if not tended to properly.

She believes that the healing we need, and all the ability and capacity for that work, is already stored right within ourselves! With proper holding, safety, and guidance, we can find access to that medicine inside.

Atiyeh has dedicated her life to holding space for others on the path of healing and always aims to create a very safe and loving space in the sessions conducive to supporting each client in finding their way back to their fully healed and fulfilled self.


The sessions are all offered online via Zoom within the comfort of your own home, which has proven to have incredible benefits in creating safety, comfort and space for integration.

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